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Gyantwachia Lodge #255 meets on the first Tuesday of every Month.

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Have you made your reservation for the OA Family Banquet at the scout office?

Here is a link to a downloadable version of the Gyantwachia Lodge #255 2012 Calendar. Lodge Calendar

Gyantwachia Lodge #255

2012 - 2013 Calendar

1-3 Beaver Day
4 4th of July Parade
14-20 Summer Camp at Camp Olmsted
20 OA Day at Summer Camp
20-22Ordeal/Brotherhood/Beaver Day,Silver Wolf Camp,Lodge Leader Development Course (We want everyone there!)
26-29 Cub Scout Summer Adventure
30-Aug 4 National Order of the Arrow Conference, Michigan State University

30-Aug 4 National Order of the Arrow Conference, Michigan State University

4 Lodge Meeting
13 Troop Rep Meeting
16 CoC Meeting
21-23 SOS at Camp Alpine

2 Lodge Meeting (7 pm brotherhood trail help)
11 Troop Rep Meeting
19-21 Fall Camporee/Cub Fun Day at Chapman's Dam

2-4 National Leadership Seminar/NLATS/NLS Haymaker, VA.
6 Lodge Meeting
8 Troop Rep Meeting
16-17 Fun Day at NWPC Community House

4 Lodge Meeting
7 Christmas Walk
8 Nursing Home Visitation/Key 3 meeting
13 Troop Rep Meeting

1 Unit Elections begin
5 Family Banquet and Lodge Meeting
10 Troop Rep Meeting
13 CoC Meeting
19 Winterfest at Chapman's Dam
26 Klondike Derby at Camp Olmsted

2 Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner
3 Scout Sunday/ Community Scout Sunday Service
5 Logde Meeting
6 Uniform Day
7 Camp Leader's Chili Dinner (Roundtable)
14 Troop Rep Meeting
22-23 Fun Day at NWPC Community House

5 Lodge Meeting/100th Aniversary Video Contest
12-13 St. Patricks Day Pancake Dinner
14 Troop Rep Meeting

2 Lodge Meeting
5-7 CoC at Camp Olmsted/Walk Through
11 Troop Rep Meeting

2 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Unit elections completed for 2013
4 Beaver Day
7 Lodge Meeting (Election of Logde Officers)
9 Troop Rep Meeting
11 Beaver Day
14 Vigil Nominations due at the CCC office
17-19 Ordeal Weekend/Vigil Meeting
18 Beaver Day
25 Beaver Day
27 All Conclave money to Section 4A Account at CCC office

1 Fun Day/Beaver Day
4 Lodge Meeting
7-9 Section NE-4A Conclave at Camp Olmsted
9 CoC Meeting at 10am
13 Troop Rep Meeting
14 Flag Day, Elks Club 6:00 pm
15 Beaver Day
22-28 Summer Camp at Camp Olmsted
28 OA Day at Camp Olmsted, Installation of Officers
28-30 Ordeal Weekend/Silver Wolf/Beaver Day/Logde Leadership Development Course and Logde Meeting

4 4th of of July Parade
15-24 National Scout Jamboree
18-21 Cub Scout Summer adventure

2-3 Lodge Conclave/Fun Day/Beaver Day

3 Lodge Meeting
12 Troop Rep Meeting
20-22 National Leadership Seminar/NLS/NLATS at Camp Alpine

1 Start Camp Promotionsand Staff Recruitment
1 Lodge Meeting 7:30 (7 pm Brotherhood Trail Help)
10 Troop Rep Meeting
26 Spook-A-Rama

5 Lodge Meeting
9 100th Anniversary Dinner at Conewango Club
15-16 Fun Day at NWPC Community House

3 Lodge Meeting (Brotherhood Trail Help)
6 Christmas Walk Chestnuts 5-10PM Parade 6PM
7 Nursing Homes/Food Baskets 9AM salvation Army
12 Troop Rep Meeting

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